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    Veterans Day Ceremony - November 7, 2020

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    Veterans Day Ceremony - November 7, 2020

  • wreaths.png

    Wreaths Across American 2019

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  • karge.png

    Beach Replenishment - Karge Street - May 1, 2019

  • north.png

    Beach Replenishment - North Street - May 1, 2019

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  • BH student council 1.jpg

    Bay Head Student Council

  • VetDay2017.jpg

    Veterans Day 2017

  • halloween2017.jpg

    Halloween Parade 2017

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7:00 PM Council Meeting
6:30 PM Planning Board Meeting

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Flood Insurance Information

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Division of Taxation
Property Tax Relief Program

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Bay Head will host a special virtual meeting on Monday, February 1, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. For additional information please click on the above link.
Click on the link above to review a copy of the Master Plan Update
The general public can now pre-register, and this will allow residents to input their personal, contact, health insurance, and demographic information. It will also allow for individuals to schedule an appointment for those who are immediately eligible based on screening questions. Click link above to register.
January 7, 2021
Click in the link above for additional information regarding the January 13, 2021 Planning Board Meeting at 6:30 p.m.
NJ Official Health Insurance Marketplace. Check here for everything you need to know about the NJ Open Enrollment Period for health insurance.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Trash Collection Service scheduled to change the week of November 2, 2020
Effective November 2, 2020 all Borough Residents will have their solid waste/trash collected on Monday and Thursday of each week.
Census 2020 Fill it out NOW: online at 2020CENSUS.GOV or by phone (844-330-2020)
Governor Murphy today announced the first phase of the New Jersey Small and Micro Business PPE Access Program, designed to ensure that the State’s small businesses and non-profits have access to the fairly priced personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to facilitate safe working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The phase was approved by the NJEDA’s Board today, advancing this initial step of a $15 million initiative to address ongoing demand for PPE. Click on the link above for additional information.
Announcing NJHMFA's Small Landlord Emergency Grant Program
Today, Governor Murphy announced the Small Landlord Emergency Grant (SLEG) Program, which will reimburse small residential rental property owners for lost rent revenue due to COVID-19 between April and July 2020. By passing the benefit on to their tenants and forgiving outstanding back rent and late fees, landlords will not only receive necessary funds to stay afloat, but will also continue to provide stable housing in what has become an unstable time.

The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency is proud to join the effort in providing much-needed relief to New Jerseyans who have felt the economic impacts of the COVID-19 public health emergency. NJHMFA recognizes there is a long road ahead and is dedicated to maintaining housing stability and the health of our communities.

Learn more https://njhousing.gov/rentals/sleg/

Please note that the application period begins August 19 and ends August 26.

Please click on the link above to receive information from the Social Security Administration - Brick, NJ Office
The COVID-19 pandemic is of ongoing and critical concern across the Nation, including in communities throughout the NY and NJ Coastal Restudy area. Even amidst an emergency like this pandemic, knowing how floods and other natural disasters can impact communities—and how you can take action to prepare and reduce those risks—remains vitally important. FEMA is committed to keeping the flood mapping process moving and regularly communicating updates on our efforts. FEMA continues to advance the NY and NJ Coastal Restudy and is working to complete the second of five Intermediate Data Submittal (IDS) reports which will document validation of the storm surge analysis and wave model.

Please click on the link above to review FEMA’s latest newsletter for an update on how the Restudy has been impacted by COVID-19.

Beach Guidelines Announcement from the Bay Head Improvement Assiciation
As we monitor the number of patrons entering the beach we want to advise you that due to the situation of an eroding beach, the dry sand area has been substantially reduced. We therefore want you to be aware that there will possibly be days or partial days that we will have to close some or all beach access points to all patrons holding beach badges (including seasonal and half season) as well as suspending the sale of daily badges. We regret this may become a possibility, however the combination of State distancing, crowd control and a shrinking beach area, we may have no other option. As disappointing as it may be, safety and health concerns of our patrons and staff is and will be our utmost priority. We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding. We, the Officers of the BHIA want everyone to know that no definite decision has been made to close all or any beach access points. We merely are reminding all of our patrons that, because of conditions beyond our control, it may become necessary. We emphasize that such action, if taken, will be a last resort. Several people have suggested that we eliminate or limit the sale of daily badges. There have been several times this summer when we have ceased selling daily badges when we thought that it would be beneficial for crowd control purposes. Although that is an option that we will continue to pursue, it must be remembered that the BHIA is under court order to make daily badges available. As such, we are obligated to tread carefully on that issue. We cannot emphasize enough that our sole objective is to provide a beach experience that is as enjoyable and safe as circumstances shall permit. We are grateful for the comments which have been posted here and I assure you that they have been and will be taken into consideration when we set our policies. This Association belongs to all of you who go to the beach and your input assists us in our job to provide you with the service that you should expect. It there are any concerns which anyone sees while on the beach, we ask that you alert one of our employees so that it may be properly addressed.
April 18, 2018
June 30, 2020 - Please click on the link above for more information regarding the State of New Jersey's imposed travel restrictions.
Click on the link above for additional information about a Small Business Grant
April 25, 2020
Please click on the link above for additional information about the Bulk Pick Up.


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